We are Claric

In 2017 we celebrated our first 50 years in Colombia

What we do

Claric is a customs broker agency with over 50 years of experience handling international trade and national customs requirements in Colombia. Our aim is to simplify customs requirements and help you achieve compliance with all your import and export needs. Working closely with our clients our processes ensure safety and guarantee customs clearance for your incoming and outgoing merchandise.

How we do it

Working closely with our clients, our team of experts reviews documentation, assess trade tariff treatments, and helps you every step of the way to achieve customs clearance for your merchandise. Our processes are audited by BASC to ensure quality and safety.

Why we do it

In 1967 Clara Moreno and Richard Williams consolidated their experience in international trade to create Claric (Clara and Richard). Their aim was to offer the best quality service for foreign companies wanting to do business in Colombia and national companies wanting to trade their products abroad. Today we continue their legacy, working towards our Client’s satisfaction and strengthening Colombia’s ties with the world.

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